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Kolam Art Ornament (Unfinished wood) set of 3

Kolam Art Ornament (Unfinished wood) set of 3

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Add a touch of cultural splendor to your holiday decor with our diy unfinished  wood Kolam Design Christmas Ornament. Inspired by the traditional South Indian art form, this ornament boasts a mesmerizing kolam design that celebrates the beauty and harmony of intricate patterns.

Traditionally created with rice flour in front of homes, kolams are believed to invite prosperity and ward off negative energy. Incorporate this ornament into your holiday decor to bring in positive vibes and a connection to this time-honored practice.

Comes with a Gold or red thread for hanging. Thread is selected at random

Product Details: Laser cut and engraved. Can be used as is or used as a DIY craft to color and make it your own.

Product Dimension: 3x3 in | Fragile : No

Product Care: Wipe clean with dry cloth


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