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Madhubani Painting Style Animal Coasters

Madhubani Painting Style Animal Coasters

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Bring home the beauty of Madhubani art with these hand-drawn, laser engraved coasters. Each coaster features an intricately designed animal in the traditional Madhubani style. The set includes a Horse, a Deer, an Elephant, and a Camel.

Madhubani is an ancient form of folk art that originated in the Madhubani district of Bihar. Madhubani paintings are rich in symbolism with various symbols like flowers, birds, animals, and trees.

These are used to convey deeper meaning and messages and you can bring these vibrant styles to your chai parties with our coasters inspired by this style of painting

Product Details: Laser Engraved on Acacia Wood

Product Dimension: 4 x 4 inch | Fragile : No

Product Care: Wipe clean with a wet cloth. Wipe with mineral oil once a month to maintain the finish


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