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Mandala Design Slate Coasters

Mandala Design Slate Coasters

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Bring a touch of South Asian (Desi) heritage to your home with our captivating Slate Coasters. Hand-drawn mandalas, symbolic of balance and harmony in South Asian traditions, adorn these coasters for a touch of timeless beauty. Perfect as a gift or for your enjoyment, they combine artistry, culture, and practicality in one exceptional package. 

The mandala, a symbol of balance and harmony, holds deep significance in many South Asian cultures, representing the unity of the universe and the interconnection of all things.

Measuring 4 inches by 4 inches, these coasters are the perfect size to protect your surfaces from unwanted drink rings while infusing your space with a unique cultural influence. Makes great housewarming and just because gifts!

Size: 4 x 4 inches

Material: Slate

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