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Paisley"Bagru Print" Marble and Acacia Serving Board

Paisley"Bagru Print" Marble and Acacia Serving Board

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Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of Indian artistry with this exquisite paisley design. Inspired by the centuries-old tradition of Bagru hand block printing, this motif captures the essence of a bygone era.

Hailing from the village of Bagru in Rajasthan, India, this intricate art form utilizes meticulously carved wooden blocks dipped in natural dyes to create stunning patterns on textiles. Our design reimagines this rich heritage with a contemporary twist, featuring the iconic paisley motif on a marble and wood serving board.

This captivating paisley design adorns our elegant marble and wood serving boards, transforming them into functional works of art - Perfect for entertaining or everyday use, these exquisite boards elevate the art of food presentation.

 10 1/2" x7" x 1/2" marble and acacia wood serving board with a 4 1/2" handle

**Board Color Variations: Due to the natural origin of the wood, there may be slight color variations that differ from the pictured boards. No two boards are alike.

**Engraving Color Variations: Our charcuterie boards are engraved using a  laser and the color of the end engraving will vary depending on the particular board and how it reacts to the laser. No two boards are alike.


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